Equanimity Yoga

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$10 Drop in class (Cash Only)

$1 Mat Rentals


34 Ave A between 2nd & 3rd street

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Once ridden with eczema on my arms and legs, I asked my mom to purchase a yoga mat for my 15th birthday. I would find myself brushing my teeth in tree pose, a yoga pose I learned from watching Alan Finger and his students on the television show, Yogazone. Yoga healed my eczema by providing me with strategies to deal with stress. At the same time, yoga was a gateway to a living a more spiritual and authentic life. Seventeen years later, I am still learning and growing from the dynamic changes that occur through a consistent yoga and mindfulness practice. Equanimity is a practice where what you invest, you get back tenfold.


  • 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (Joschi Yoga, Yoga Alliance School)
  • Advanced Certificate, Anatomy and Movement (Leslie Kaminoff, Yoga Anatomy, The Breathing Project)
  • Two Vipassana 10 Day Silent Retreats (Massachuseets and Thailand)
  • Master’s Degree in Urban Special Education (LIU Brooklyn)
  • Literacy Coach (NYC Public Elementary Schools), Department of Education
  • Open Water Certified Scuba Diver

Tara is available for individualized yoga practices, meditation, small groups, private parties for children and adults.

  • $100/hour Private Lessons at the studio (up to 5 people/ 1 hour class)

Equanimity Yoga intends to keep the yoga practice simple. The studio mat is fully padded so those with sensitive knees can practice in a space with a built in cushion. We ask that you sign a quick waiver and payment for class is $10 cash. There are two large changing rooms and bathrooms.

As an educator for public schools during the day, I understand that the “one size fits all” way of teaching does not work, espeically in a yoga setting. The class is mixed level which means that options are provided to increase or decrease the level of your practice. Classes are stuctured around a monthly theme.

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