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Equanimity Yoga provides one-hour open level vinyasa yoga classes with all learning styles in mind. As an elementary school educator during the day, I understand the needs for modifications and accommodations in instruction. I always offer leveled options for each pose.

This class keeps the yoga practice simple, with clear directions for asana practice and mindfulness meditation. My certifications are in Vinyasa Yoga (2011) and Anatomy (2014), balanced with Vipassana meditation retreats.

The entire yoga studio space is padded with the same type of mat used by martial artists. Those with sensitive knees will enjoy the benefits of practicing on a padded floor. Since the entire mat is already padded, you can choose to use your own mat, rent a mat, or just use the floor space provided.


My yoga journey started at age 15 and has been a healing thread that continues to support me throughout the chapters of my life.

I believe that the quality of health in the mind and body are inextricably linked. We can use yoga postures and mindfulness practice to heal the physical body whilst also making us more like human beings, rather than human doings. I know that yoga has enhanced the quality of my primary relationships, allowing me to create boundaries and also be present for all of the moods that come and go. I teach what I practice and believe cultivating any type of caring attention to your mind and body will contribute to living a more authentic and loving life.

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